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Our Expertise

Our engineers and designers understand all the elements of the physical environment, and how it is comprised.

DX Airconditioning

The physics of how a refrigeration system functions, involving use of refrigerant in dual phases for either heating and cooling. Controlling the compressors to achieve exactly the correct amount of cooling required, in order to minimise temperature differences and maximise power efficiency.

Electrical Power

The intelligent use of electrical power is very important throughout the entire system, both in how everything is controlled, and also how efficiently it is powered. The forward-looking owners of the future are interested in their contribution to saving our planet, and we stand ready to work with anybody to realise the best low-carbon future we can.

Air Movement

The study of air movement throughout your personal spaces is hugely important to your enjoyment of each area. It is also the most frequently misdesigned part of the system. Using thermal and air movement visualisation software, we can demonstrate how we will avoid drafts of hot or cold air, create an even temperature across the space, and can even provide a system which is compliant with the ISO7730 standard of thermal comfort.

Control Systems

Whether you prefer voice activation, a big red button on the wall, or an wifi-enabled app, you are the master of your own ambience. Advances in AI as of recent years make it possible to control your interior systems by the use of the voice alone, or with invisible touchscreens built into bulkhead, with gesture control for system changes.


We aim to ensure that you can whisper above the noise of your system. Utilising active and passive sound control technologies, it is necessary to limit sound emission as much as possible at source, leaving the spaces unpolluted with extraneous sounds.

User Interface and Experience

Understanding what your system is doing is important on two levels - for the users of the space to be able to control their ambience, and secondly for the staff members to be able to run the superyacht or property efficiently, especially for charter and rental applications. One of our fundamental principles is openness, so we will always offer other centralised networks the option to communicate with our system on common protocols. This ensures the advantages of integration are available to all.